- The Imaginarium EP -

imaginarium [noun]: An imaginary place where fantasies are made to seem real.

October 6th 2016 - Release #3 official - 'The Imaginarium EP'.


1. The Howl (Prelude)

2. Her Face

3. Lackluster in Dust We Lay

4. Enemy of Mine

July 25th 2013 - Release #2 official - 'The Neon Dream'. The album is available on Spotify or with better sound quality at Bandcamp where you can stream it or, for a modest sum, purchase the album as a digital download in every conceivable sound quality and format (mp3, FLAC, WAV etc). I hope you enjoy! Your support lets the show go on! Be sure to subscribe to the Facebook page linked at the bottom of this page!

- The Neon Dream -

"All those brief moments of bliss were now gone. The nights he held me in his arms, soothing that inner turmoil as only he knew how. All gone, scattered like ashes in the raging wind. I never realized then why he’d come back. Now I know it was for me. We always knew that the time we had was not going to last, that the love we shared would spell our end somewhere down the line. So much hurt, so much violence, so much betrayal.

Despite all this there had been moments of solace, happiness, moments of pushing away that looming darkness. We fooled ourselves thinking we could somehow make it. That there would be time enough. That our love would somehow hold back the hands of time. We were wrong. Once, driving through the city, blinded by the neon lights he said to me: “life is short, time is luck”. I never really thought about what he meant. Now it’s all I can think of. Time is luck. Time ran out…"

April 1st 2012 - Release #1 official. Free version for download here, it's also on iTunes and on Spotify streaming available via the links below.

- Insomnia -

No one really knows how far the city stretches. It never starts and it never seems to end. A perpetual, black field of factory stacks and towers straining to reach through the clouds like sooted arms and hands in search of a distant sun.

I used to wonder who built it -- if anyone ever did... Maybe it always existed. Maybe it was here long before us. After too many drinks at the bar, my friend who knows about things sometimes talks about this place. He talks about it as a person, as a being. The caretaker. The overseer. "We are the oil in the machinery", he says. "Without us there would be nothing." Curious. When I think about it I know that I’ve seen the outside world, but I can’t be absolutely sure.

Snow floated slowly down like showers of gray ash...