Spectral Hours is Claes Thoren.

Contributing talent:

Rebecca Ambrose, Markus Kihlen, Andreas Kitzmann, Shumei Liao, Mathias Palmberg, Laxmi Rao, Marcus Ohberg


Literary allusions and a flair for science-fiction and storytelling. And an ability to press keys, bend strings and exert force on percussive surfaces.

- Anatomy -

Spectral Hours is electronic music from a not too distant future shrouded in secrecy and darkness. The first release visited a science-fiction world of dystopia and paranoia inspired by, among other things, the writings of William Gibson. The second release - "The Neon Dream" is different. Listen for yourself and let me know on the Facebook page what you think! This web page serves as a conduit for stories, images and sounds from a distant, dystopian place known simply as The City.

Each musical fragment and release is a narrative.

The SoundCloud page is the workshop where ideas are formed and moulded, eventually into final releases on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify collected in links at the bottom of the page.

Texts as well as still and moving images will eventually complement the music bringing the full experience to this page.

Watch for it.